Killer Tentacle Octopus

Jumping the gun on Inktober over here. 

ETSY SALE! For those of you that plan ahead for the holiday season, I’m having a Christmas Comes Early sale! I get pretty booked up around November, so if you want to snag a special hand made piece for your loved one this year, I recommend ordering now! Use the code XMAS15 when checking out to get 15% off ALL ITEMS in my shop! Don’t see something you want? i.e. Bracelets, rings, gradient fake gauges, small necklaces etc, just contact me and I’ll get you set up and give you the discount as well. SALE ENDS 10/1 Also enjoy this update of pieces I’ve made for people recently!

We’re down to the last 6 days of the Kickstarter project! The black pearlescent crown tier is now available as well as prints of ‘Dream Melt’ by Camilla d’Errico~ I can’t believe it’s almost over! I can’t wait to start mass production on these babies and start shipping them out.

Man I love October so much that I’m getting a head start on it! If you want yourself some halloween earrings you can hit up my Etsy shop~ Only $18 a pair! If you want the black and alternating green and purple just say so in the buyers message. Also necklaces and fake gauges are back up for custom order! Don’t see something you want? Message me to set up a private order.  Small necklaces start at just $45!


Sad Happy Dude & Happy Sad Dude.

I wonder if the tattoo parlor by my house is still open… 

Our Kickstarter project has reached it’s goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s over! We have a few stretch goals that would be awesome to meet! 

$12,000 I’ll be able to produce resin cast versions of my tentacle earrings! We’ll also open up a tier for a Black Pearlescent version of the crown. 

$15,000 I’ll be able to produce a resin version of my single tentacle necklaces! I’ll make a tier for those available as well and you can get one to match your crown! 

$20,000 I’ll be able to produce a resin version of my double tentacle necklace! I’ll also make these available for pre order on the Kickstarter if we reach this goal. 

Thank you all for your amazing support so far! 

The Kickstarter project has been funded! HOORAY! ♥♥♥
I’m so grateful to all of you that have been so supportive so far, I feel like my heart could burst from excitement! As a reward Camilla d’Errico and I have added on 4 original graphite drawings by her, as well as 11x14 prints of Dream Melt and a limited edition run of an inverse version! Check them out at:
You can add a crown to either of these packages by adding $50 to your pledge.

Be sure to keep spreading the word! Let’s reach some stretch goals and get the crown made in a pearlescent black as well as get some resin version of my necklaces going! 


part II.(part I.: )

Look at that awesome dust trail. I wonder where the boarding will lead him. 


part II.

(part I.: )

Look at that awesome dust trail. I wonder where the boarding will lead him. 

Have you guys checked out all the amazing art that was created for the Kickstarter?! It’s badass.

Get you some prints and stickers and help support camilladerricoart​ and myself produce our tentacle crown accessory~

The project has finally launched! Pre order your mini tentacle crown and support our Kickstarter project!